Mortgage to Rent Scheme

Mortgage To Rent Scheme


Dublin City Council has launched a pilot scheme to help homeowners at risk of losing their home due to mortgage arrears. This scheme is called the “Mortgage to Rent Scheme”.

Eligible applicants will sell their homes to Dublin City Council and rent their homes back from the Council. This means that people in serious financial difficulty can continue to live in their homes and reduce their monthly expenditure! A manageable rent will be payable to Dublin City Council – a sum which will be based on the applicant’s ability to pay. This sum will be significantly lower than the applicant’s current mortgage repayments.

Any outstanding debt due on the mortgage, after the home has been purchased by the Council, will also be repayable at a manageable level taking the applicant’s income and resources into account.

There could even be an option for applicants to buy back their homes after 5 years if their situation improves.

Some of the criteria for the Scheme are as follows:

1. You must be unable to meet your mortgage payments.

2. Your property must be in negative equity.

3. You must not own any other properties.

4. You must be living in a property with a current market value of no more than €220,000.

5. You must be eligible for Social Housing Support in Dublin City Council’s administrative area.

6. You must have a long-term right to remain in Ireland.

The Citizens Information Board is operating a Mortgage Arrears Helpline for potential applicants to the Scheme. The service is available from 9.30 am to 5 pm each day at Tel: 076 107 4050. You can also obtain further information on their website You will need to contact the Mortgage Support Unit of Dublin City Council to find out if you qualify for the Mortgage to Rent Scheme.

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