NPPR Deductible From Rent Profits

Written by John Gaynor

NPPR Deductible Rent Profits

The High Court has decided that the NPPR is deductible against rental profits.
This means that Landlords would be able to claim tax relief on the annual charge. This was applied for the period 2009-2013 at a rate of €200.00 per property that was not their only or main property.
This judgement was delivered by Justice Reynolds in late November 2016 in the High Court.
There are still many NPPR liabilities and payments due to Local Authorities.
These are subject to interest and penalties, totalling a maximum of €7,230.00. 
These liabilities are held as charges against the relevant properties for 12 years.
The fees then become due and have to be discharged in full before a transfer of a sale of the property can be completed.
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