We are a normal GP practice, looking after public and private patients.

We are 2 doctors, myself and Dr Sinead Beirne, and a nurse (my Mrs Caitriona O’Sullivan, who is practice nurse, midwife, breastfeeding support etc). We share 3 reception staff with the other GP practice.

We provide the full range of GP services, from cradle to grave, including maternity care, cervical screening, childhood and travel vaccination, contraception, health screening, ECG, lung function testing, chronic illness care, blood tests, repeat prescriptions and so on, but we also have some specialized services that are not commonly found in most practices:

  • Minor surgery procedures, from ingrown toenails and cysts to moles and skin cancers, wart freezing etc. We take referrals from all over Dublin and carry out approx. 700 procedures annually
  • We provide ultrasound scanning, including general abdominal scanning, assessment of prostate, aorta, gallstones, uterus, and pregnancy scanning.
  • As a result, we have an extensive maternity practice, participate in shared antenatal care with the hospital, offer midwife care and provide comprehensive breastfeeding support for new parents.
  • We combine ultrasound and surgical skills to find and remove contraceptive implants that get lost in people’s arms
  • We have substantial expertise in diabetes care.

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Whether you are considering selling a property in the coming weeks, months or years, at John Gaynor & Co we want to speak to you. We are happy to provide a free, no obligation consultation where one of our Solicitors will meet you in person and answer every question you might have about the process as well as openly providing you with the benefit of our 45 years’ experience dealing with property transactions; from apartments to large family homes, new build houses and commercial property.
We understand that we are all time poor and with our busy lives it can be difficult to find the time to visit at a Solicitors’ Office during standard working hours, for this reason we offer early morning appointments from 07.30am Monday to Friday as well as Saturday mornings, by appointment.
Of course, should you prefer we are happy to discuss the sale of your property over the telephone or via email and would be delighted to send you a full quotation within 1 hour of your enquiry.

The Sale Process – 5 Steps

Below we have split the sale process into 5 manageable steps, at John Gaynor & Co we are happy to provide you with as much or as little information about the process as you require. The transaction usually takes approximately 8 weeks from the receipt of Title Deeds to you receiving your Sale funds.

  1. Collection of Title Deeds

Once you have instructed your Estate Agent (or ideally before) we would be delighted to hear from you in order that we can request your Title Deeds from your mortgage bank; this can take 2 to 3 weeks to receive and as such the request needs to be made prior to accepting an offer on your property. If you do not have a Mortgage on your property you can deliver your Deeds directly to our office in person ensuring that you receive a full receipt confirming each document received in a Schedule of Documents. At this stage we shall also send you a seller’s questionnaire in order to learn everything required from a legal stand point about your property, thereby allowing our firm to deal with anything required at the outset, avoiding delays later into the process.

  1. Sale Agreed

Hopefully the Title Deeds will have been received prior to this point and any architects/local authority certs, Maps, redemption figures etc. have been requested and received. The Estate Agent will let your solicitor know the contact details for the purchaser’s solicitor and Contracts can be drafted and sent out to their office immediately.

  1. Replying to Pre-Contract Enquiries

The purchaser’s solicitor will review the Contracts and raise standard pre-contact enquiries. At John Gaynor & Co we gather all requisite information prior to this point, ensuring that nothing further needs to be requested at this stage avoiding any possible delays in the transaction. We may need some information from you regarding parking, property taxes etc. and this can be dealt with via email or over the telephone.

  1. Execution of Contracts

The purchaser will execute the Contracts first and once received we shall arrange an appointment for you to call into our office and counter-sign the Contracts, at this stage we shall also insert a closing date (usually 4 weeks from this point) and the transaction will reach the binding stage.

  1. Closing

We will advise you of the closing date and ensure you have plenty of time to remove your furniture and belongings from the property. On closing we shall receive the balance of funds and release the keys to the purchasers. Having already received your redemption figures from your mortgage bank we shall immediately furnish the bank with the sum owing in order to ensure you do not pay any additional interest on your Mortgage, the bank will then send us evidence that your mortgage has been cancelled and removed from the property. We shall then furnish the balance of sale proceeds to you in a manner of your choosing adhering to our strict cyber security protocols.
We hope the above breakdown has been helpful however we fully appreciate a lot of the language used and the transaction itself can be alien to anyone who may not have sold property in Ireland before, we would be delighted to explain each element of the transaction in person, over the telephone or via email and we look forward to hearing from you in the future.